About us

Late Ms Viji Srinivasan

27 Mar 1938 – 13 June 2005
‘ADITHI’ is a non-profit making rural women’s organization, headquartered at Patna, and with project areas in different rural and urban areas of Bihar and Jharkhand. ADITHI was registered on May 11th, 1988, “to enable the empowerment, through economic and social development of women of poor (living below the poverty line) families in India, to achieve the elimination of hunger in a few demonstration projects.”

While Ms. Viji Srinivasan and Dr. R. J. Rao were developing Andhra Pradesh Dairy Development Cooperative Federation’s women’s dairying programme in Chittoor district of A.P., Mr. Ganesh Prasad Singh, was assisting Viji in implementing a tasar silk programme through another organization in Bihar, Mr K. A. Srinivasan was developing a strong tradition of process documentation through audio-visual aids for women’s projects in eight key economic sectors, they all had experiences wide and varied while working for rural women’s empowerment.

Sri Ganesh Prasad Singh

Executive Secretary

The four persons, who were later called the Resource Persons in ADITHI, felt the need for setting up a new professional, progressive, democratic voluntary organization. While the byelaws for Adithi were being drawn up, Dr R. J. Rao and Ganesh Ji recruited and trained twenty-four young educated women from Bihar for interventions in dairying and sericulture. It was felt that one of the first needs was to draw inspiration from rural women workers and to use them as a touch stone for developing our programmes. Meetings with representatives of several voluntary agencies of Bihar were organized. In one of these meetings, Srimati Gauri Mishra from Sewa–Mithila suggested the name ADITHI, which found instant liking and was immediately adopted. On June 1st, 1988 ADITHI’s first project – ADITHI Rural Training Institute (ARTI) started.

A -Agriculture,
D -Dairying
I – Industry(small)
T -Tree plantation and tasar silk
H -Handicrafts,handlooms,horticulture
I – Integration of women in all these sectors